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Airbnb Cleaning Fees: What You Need to Know

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One part of the rental experience that travellers might find puzzling is Airbnb cleaning fees. The need to understand how these charges work is crucial to amateurs and seasoned travellers alike.

Hence, the team at Jani Queen would like you to know as much as possible about Airbnb cleaning fees.

What Are Airbnb Cleaning Fees?

An Airbnb cleaning fee is a service charge added to the cost of booking that the guest pays for cleaning the rented place after they leave. This fee is determined by the owner of the rented property and the Airbnb cleaning fees will depend on many different factors.

This fee should not be considered a tip for cleaning services or as leeway for leaving the property in shambles. As a guest, you are responsible for ensuring that the property still remains in good condition. As a host, you can add additional fees if extra cleaning after your guest’s stay is required.

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When Do You See Airbnb Cleaning Fees?

Guests typically see the Airbnb cleaning fees when they rent a property for their stay. It is included as a part of the total cost of the stay and paid directly to the host.

Hosts add cleaning charges in two main ways.

  1. As a part of the rental costs
  2. As a separate charge on their own,

Some hosts can offer a discount to guests who are willing to go through the process of cleaning an Airbnb before departing from the property.

Are Airbnb Cleaning Fees Mandatory?

Even though they are widely used by most hosts, charges for cleaning an Airbnb are left to the host’s discretion. Some will make it mandatory while others will have it as an optional charge.

Airbnb also has strict policies and guidelines overseeing cleaning fees. For instance, if there is a cleaning fee attached to the property, the host must disclose this to the guest before the booking is made. If the host takes any fraudulent or malicious actions, like overcharging, Airbnb can take disciplinary action against them.

Airbnb cleaning fees have been known to dissuade potential guests, especially those just looking for a place to stay for one night. However, guests who book for several nights are more receptive to cleaning fees.

What Are AirBNB Cleaning Fees Used For?

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Typically the extra charge for cleaning an Airbnb goes towards covering the expenses incurred during the cleanup after the guest’s stay. Things like

  • Sprucing up rooms
  • Changing bedsheets
  • Replacing used supplies
  • Time spent, etc

..are accounted for and covered by the cleaning fee. The host could handle the cleaning in-house or use the money to hire professional cleaners instead.

Jani Queen – High-Quality Cleaning Services In Ottawa

Airbnb cleaning fees are important considerations for both hosts and guests. Hosts need to be reasonable and impartial when setting cleaning fees. Guests, on the other hand, should be careful in their rented space and take care to leave it in pristine condition. This will allow for positive experiences in travelling and hosting.

If, as a host or a guest, you need excellent cleaning services in Ottawa, please contact us. Jani Queen has provided reliable cleaning services to homes and businesses for over 30 years. Our professional cleaners provide high-quality services, no matter the job. Choose us to make your residence or rental the cleanest it has ever been.

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