Cleaning Pubs, Clubs and Bars.

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The Ins and Outs of Cleaning Nighttime Establishments. Cleaning a bar presents specific challenges due to the nature of the environment and the need for meticulous cleanliness. Here are some key challenges and tips for maintaining cleanliness in a bar:   High Traffic Areas: Bars experience constant foot traffic, leading to quick accumulation of grime […]

Health Problems Related to Janitorial Work

Janitor injuries

Are Janitors Exposed to Special Health Risks? The short answer is yes. Janitors and cleaners are exposed to very specific health hazards in the workplace. At Jani Queen we take these risks seriously and protect ourselves accordingly, but all the same, here’s some specific problems people in our industry face so you don’t have to:  […]

5 Safety Tips For Janitors

5 Safety Tips for Janitors Most cleaning jobs around the house can be managed with minimal danger, but on a work site, janitors are presented with situations that can be a bit more extreme. With a little foresight and some common sense, most risks can be easily mitigated. Here’s 5 tips for safely navigating janitorial […]

The Role of Event Cleaning Services in Guest Satisfaction For Your Business

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Blog &Resources Hospital Cleaning and Disinfecting There are few environments  where disinfection is more important than a hospital. Most patients are dealing with some type of injury or illness that that has weakened or distracted the immune system…and when the immune system is overloaded, germs that ordinarily wouldn’t pose a threat can be much more […]

5 Great Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Cleaners

Back to school cleaning can be a stressful experience. You’ve likely been out of your school-time routine for a couple of months and the amount of cleaning required only makes the experience even more stressful.