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Back to School Cleaning Tips

Kids Running Back to School

Back-to-school cleaning can be a stressful experience. You and your kids have been out of your school-time routine for a couple of months and the amount of cleaning required only makes the experience even more stressful.


A clean work environment is critical to academic success. Messy environments make it difficult to focus on important tasks. A messy room clutters not only your room but your mind too. Simply put, a mind consumed by cleaning anxiety or distractions has no room for success.


Jani Queen is intimately familiar with the link between a clean working space and high academic performance. We’re going to share some industry-insider cleaning tips that will educate you on the best cleaning practices you so can perform at your absolute peak during this school year!


Room Cleaning Tipsclean study desk in a room

Studies have established that there is a direct correlation between a clean room and academic performance. Tidiness eliminates distractions, improves focus, and keeps you fresh. Maintaining a clean workspace is a fundamental part of academic success.


Starting out the school year with a clean and organized room will help your kids adjust to the new school year with ease. However, every parent knows how difficult it can be to get their kids to keep their rooms tidy once it has been cleaned. Between managing your kid’s schedules and your own work schedule, trying to keep on top of cleaning can add more stress to your life. 


The solution to this problem is simple: hire a cleaning company! Jani Queen offers affordable and friendly cleaning services in the Ottawa area. Our work doesn’t interfere with your everyday routine, meaning that you can de-stress and focus on important tasks without being bothered. 


Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Every morning can often feel like you’re competing on a cooking show, trying to get the kids dressed and fed, lunches packed, and out the door on time to catch the school bus. After all that is done, the kitchen is often left in a disastrous state. 


If you’re brave enough to tackle the kitchen solo, you’ll find success with dish soap, a scrub brush, and some steel wool. Letting pots soak in water loosens grime, making it easy to scrub off with steel wool. Keeping a dedicated space on the countertop open for drying is a great organization tool because it’ll let you scrub your pots without anything getting in the way while allowing you to move things into their respective places easier.


Keeping a kitchen clean is just as important as keeping a room clean. A cluttered kitchen will cut back on the time you have for important tasks and it’ll hurt productivity. Thankfully, Jani Queen is ready to help you reclaim your free time! Our expert cleaners are already familiar with your needs and offer quick, efficient, and friendly cleaning solutions so you can kick back and relax! Contact Jani Queen the next time your kitchen is overwhelmingly dirty and we’ll happily take over.


Trusted Ottawa Cleaning Services

Jani Queen has over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry and employs over a hundred cleaning professionals. We’re certain that our cleaning company offers the perfect solution for people suffering from messy-room-induced stress.


If clutter is a recurring problem, we offer scheduled cleaning services to ensure that your home is in top shape all year round. Contact us today for a free quote!