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Germs and viruses are invisible to the human eye. This is why it’s important for high-traffic areas to be disinfected regularly. Whether you run an office, a restaurant, daycare or any type of business, having professionals come in and thoroughly disinfect the space is a great way to keep your workers and customers safe. Create the safest environment possible with disinfecting services from Jani Queen.

Our professional disinfecting services are highly reliable. Our team is dedicated to providing efficient disinfecting services
so that you can trust that your space has been cleaned safely
and effectively. We aim to ensure that we provide all our
clients with comprehensive and thorough services that leave
no shortcomings in your disinfecting needs. Contact Jani
Queen today to get started with a free quote for disinfecting
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Jani Queen’s dedication to providing the highest quality services in the Ottawa region has allowed us to develop long-term relationships. Thanks to our clients, we have experienced exponential growth as a result of referrals. With a team of over one hundred professionals, we have a strong workforce capable of taking on any number of projects.

Our clients continue to choose us because of our reliability, flexibility, experienced professionals and commitment to customer satisfaction. No matter how big or small the job, our team is equipped for all your cleaning projects. Contact us today to get started with our professional cleaning services.

Commercial Sanitization Services for Businesses

The professional team of cleaners at Jani Queen provide timely and effective office sanitization services and commercial sanitization services for Ottawa businesses. Now more than ever, it’s important to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe space.

We are equipped with industry leading products and techniques to clean and protect virtually any type of space or surface. Jani Queen can sanitize and disinfect a wide variety of residential and commercial spaces, including:


  • Retail Stores & Restaurants
  • Offices & Commercial Spaces
  • Apartments, Rentals, Cottages, & Condos
  • Construction & Manufacturing Facilities


As a professional cleaning company, we are dedicated to using high-quality cleaning and disinfecting solutions for our commercial sanitization services. When cleaning products just aren’t enough, our disinfecting products can help eliminate all germs with the use of chemicals.

Contact us to get a free no-obligation quote for our Ottawa sanitization services.

Commercial Sanitization Services for Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Disinfecting services involve cleaning procedures that utilize disinfectant cleaning products. A disinfectant can be typically defined as an antimicrobial pesticide that’s used on inanimate objects or surfaces to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria.


There are different types of disinfecting cleaning procedures, including: disinfectant fogging, deep cleaning, or electrostatic sprayer dispersal. Contact us to learn more about our disinfecting and sanitizing services!

Disinfecting cleaning procedures use disinfectant chemicals that eliminate microorganisms and bacteria on surfaces. Sanitization uses less potent chemicals and sanitizers to accomplish the same goal. Disinfecting is best for infection control, while sanitization is best to cleaning food, carpets, and clothing.

Like most types of cleaning services, disinfecting prices vary based on location, the cleaning company, the scope of the job, and the materials used. Disinfecting service prices are typically calculated based on the square footage of the space that needs to be disinfected. However, there are also cleaning companies that charge per an hour of work instead. Contact us to get a free quote for your disinfecting needs in Ottawa!

There are several different circumstances in which you should consider sanitizing your business. High traffic business areas can greatly benefit from daily disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning procedures. 


Facilities like hospitals, doctor’s offices, and health clinics that need to be concerned with infection control can definitely benefit from daily disinfecting services. Contact us today to set up a schedule that works for you!

Our team of cleaning and disinfecting experts will arrive to your location at the schedule time. It’s important to leave any closets, drawers, and additional rooms open that you would like to have sprayed and disinfected. If there are any special requests that we need to know about, please relay them to our team before the cleaning day.

The time that it takes to disinfect a space depends on the type of building, the type of treatment being done, and the size of the space. Once we have an understanding of how big your residential or commercial space is, we can provide you with a timely estimate for how long the job will take. Your space will be safe to use 30 minutes following the service.