Are Janitors Exposed to Special Health Risks?

Janitor injuries

The short answer is yes. Janitors and cleaners are exposed to very specific health hazards in the workplace. At Jani Queen we take these risks seriously and protect ourselves accordingly, but all the same, here’s some specific problems people in our industry face so you don’t have to: 


Cardiovascular Conditions


Professional cleaning is typically labor-intensive, demanding high cardiorespiratory output and high musculoskeletal loads, which can contribute to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. It doesn’t help that janitors will sometimes encounter asbestos, lead or carbon monoxide which can affect heart health.


Musculoskeletal Disorders


In a way, Janitorial work is an ergonomic lose-lose.  Either you’re using long handled equipment that puts your wrists at an awkward angle for hours at a time, or you use short handled equipment that has you bending over and putting significant strain on your lower back. Performing repetitive motions throughout the day can lead to repetitive motion injuries, while working with heavy supplies and equipment can lead to lifting strains. So it should come as no surprise that janitors are at high risk for musculoskeletal disorders and commonly report aches, pain, and discomfort. 


Respiratory Illness


We’ve already mentioned some of the harmful substances janitors and cleaning professionals interact with regularly. There is a large assortment of aerosols and particulates in the cleaning products themselves that can get past the best masks. There’s also the contaminants the janitor is trying to get rid of…dust, mould, etc. Any of these can accumulate in the lungs over time and cause problems. 


Chemical Exposure and Burns

Chemicals don’t just affect the heart and lungs. Being exposed to harsh chemicals can also irritate and burn the skin. Even mild cleaners often have ingredients like ammonia and isopropanol that irritate the eyes and skin. 


Equipment Hazards


Janitors are at risk of accidents due to equipment malfunctions including  chemical contact, electric shock, abrasions, and slips and falls due to spills and slippery surfaces.


Jani Queen for Safe Cleaning


At Jani Queen we take safety seriously and know how to protect ourselves. Proper technique, protective gear and equipment maintenance drastically reduces the danger, and allows us to enjoy being good at what we do without the worry. We hope you’ll let us shoulder the burden the next time you need hard work done at your establishment. 

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