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How Cleaning Companies Can Retain Employees.

Janitorial work tends to have a high rate of turnover.  Here’s what clever employers do to retain their talent:


Create A Positive Work Environment

         There’s several things you can do to make your workplace a good place to be.  And it starts, not surprisingly, with treating employees with respect, and showing appreciation for their hard work.  Appreciated employees are happier employees so find ways to show your appreciation for the people working for you. That can be financial rewards, gifts, or even just a good old fashioned “thank you.”

         Another way to create a good workplace is to avoid micromanaging. Give your employees as much autonomy as their trustworthiness will allow. This boosts self-esteem and promotes ownership of the work.

          It also doesn’t hurt to encourage open feedback and communication. Make sure your employees have an outlet for frustrations, so they don’t quit because they feel trapped in a bad situation. This can also have the positive effect of giving them a way to share ideas about how to make things better. Sometimes good ideas come from a new perspective.

         Also, maintain an organized and well-supplied work environment. Not having the right tools to do the job can become incredibly frustrating over time. It also doesn’t help if people have to sort through piles of mess to find what they’re looking for. You do yourself and everyone else a favor by running a clean, organized work environment.

        And lastly, create a sense of community with work parties and social opportunities outside of work. A simple thing like taking your employees out for a meal now and then can pay real dividends.


Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

         Offering competitive wages may sound unrealistic if you’re a small start-up, but the reality is people will always follow the money. Creating a good work environment will help retain people when the pay rate is at least similar to what they can get elsewhere, because both things factor into overall quality of life. If you pay less than anyone else…well…you may give your employees no choice but to go elsewhere.
        Keeping up with industry standards can also mean providing attractive benefits packages like health insurance, paid time off, etc.
        Consider offering bonuses, raises, or opportunities for advancement when employees demonstrate consistent quality of service.



Invest In Employee Development

       Implementing a thorough onboarding process helps employees understand their job and how they fit into the company. It also makes them feel like part of a well-organized, larger whole. 
      You should also offer training opportunities to help new employees get the job skills they need to be of ultimate use to your company. Make sure they get adequate training on any machines you’re going to need them to use, otherwise it could contribute to them feeling lost or unnecessarily frustrated. 

Utilize Technology and Automation

      Where applicable, technology might make life easier for employer and employee alike.  Whether it’s a simple online schedule and dispatch system, or a check-in/check-out system, or an easy way to submit timesheets.
       If you go this route, make sure to train employees on the apps you’ve chosen, again, to avoid giving them that “dumped in the deep end” feeling.  The company providing the technology can probably assist with checklists, videos, and visual aids to support employee learning.



      It IS possible to retain janitorial and custodial employees in a competitive market. Think of things from their perspective: does working with your company make their life better? Creating a good work environment, offering equal pay, investing in their development and using technology to ease the workflow management are all things that help make the answer “Yes”.


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