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How To Plan a Cleaning Schedule

woman cleaning and singing
woman cleaning and singing

The rigors of a full-time job make cleaning your house a difficult task to fit into a busy schedule but a cluttered and untidy house can create a stressful environment. The benefits of a clean home, both physical and mental, cannot be understated.

The most optimal solution is to have a schedule that is specifically tailored to your needs. Be it a daily cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, or even monthly cleaning, your schedule will help you fit the various cleaning tasks into your routine. Hence, Jani Queen’s trusted professionals would like to provide you with what you need to know to create your personal cleaning schedule.

Create A List of Tasks That Need To Be Done

cleaning supplies on the floor

This may sound a little basic and obvious but it’s a great way to begin planning out your schedule. The desire to react to just what looks dirty and needs to be cleaned up makes you reactive when you tidy up your home. That’s not very efficient as you might have many vital tasks and that will contribute to your stress.

As such, it’s best to list all possible cleaning tasks that you can find in your home. Go over your home, and figure out exactly what needs to be cleaned and how often you need to do each particular task. This will create a cleaning checklist with all the vital details to plan out your schedule.

Prioritize Tasks for Your Cleaning Schedule

You need to determine what tasks take precedence in your cleaning schedule. This will be based on how busy your house usually is, what gets used more, what needs to be cleaned as often as possible, what a clean house means to you, etc.

If you have a lot of guests over, the living areas and kitchen should take priority over everything else. If you have a home office that you use a lot, keeping that clean and orderly is important. Prioritizing what gets cleaned is complex because needs will always vary but getting it right is always about figuring out what you need.

Budget Your Cleaning Schedule

The actual act of cleaning will require some specific tools and materials and possessing these will improve the efficiency of your cleaning schedule. With the proper brushes, brooms, mops, disinfectants, soaps, etc., cleaning up will be a much simpler proposition. However, using just what you have on hand can work just as well, if you need to reduce the impact on your wallet.

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The amount of time you have available to clean also needs to be a part of your budgeting efforts. The schedule needs to work within your time constraints to maximize your efficiency. It’s also best to determine what cleaning style works for you when allocating your time. If you can handle daily cleaning tasks, allocate your tasks along that schedule. If you need to space out tasks to create a bi-weekly cleaning schedule or even a monthly cleaning schedule, do so as you see fit.

Practice Your Cleaning Schedule

After all the planning, you need to test your cleaning schedule to see if it works for you. At this point, feel free to adjust what doesn’t work to better suit your needs and improve how you clean the house. Allow yourself some slack to get things right in the future if the first time using the schedule doesn’t work out as planned.

Persistence is also crucial at this stage. If you keep at the cleaning schedule, not only will it get easier but the tasks will become routine. When your cleaning becomes a natural part of your routine, then it will be a resounding success.

Jani Queen – High-Quality Cleaning Services in Ottawa

When push comes to shove, hiring a cleaning service to regularly clean your home is a better alternative to trying to cram cleaning tasks into your already packed schedule.

A cleaning service will have professional cleaners equipped with all the necessary tools and materials needed to get the job done effectively and efficiently. They can devote all their time and effort to getting the job done. Professionals can also focus on and complete the various cleaning tasks that you have to deprioritize. As such not only is your house cleaner, but you are also freer to relax and de-stress from a busy schedule.

If you need to create a cleaning schedule with a professional service, please contact us. Jani Queen has thirty years of experience in providing the best cleaning services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. No matter how daunting the task, Jani Queen is here for you.