How To Protect Windows (And Yourself) As You Clean.

Cleaning products and methods can have various effects on windows over time. We all want to save time and effort where we can, so here are some key takeaways about how to protect your windows (and yourself!) while cleaning:


  • Corrosion and Deterioration: Chlorine bleach and alcohol-based glass cleaners are corrosive and can accelerate the deterioration and fading of paint and coatings on windows. Best to use non-corrosive options when possible. 

  • Damage to Protective Films: Using sharp or abrasive instruments and materials can damage protective UV films, affecting the window’s ability to prevent heat transfer. Even paper towels can be abrasive, leading to microscopic etching on the glass surface. Instead, opt for microfiber cloths or soft rubber squeegees.

  • Expiry of Cleaning Products: Cleaning products can expire over time, degrading in quality like many other household products.

  • Indoor Air Quality: Certain chemicals emitted by cleaning products can be harmful, especially for vulnerable groups like infants, small children, and individuals with lung or heart disease. It’s recommended to use certified cleaning agents meeting safety standards, limit the use of certain products during high ozone days, and ensure adequate ventilation during and after cleaning

  • DYI It: You can actually make your own window cleaner at home that’s effective on most surfaces, doesn’t damage your windows (or lungs) over time, and is 100% environmentally safe. You simply add 1/4 cup white cleaning vinegar to 2 cups of water. “Cleaning” vinegar is a form of “white” (actually transparent) vinegar that has 6% acetic acid content instead of the normal 5%. That 1% difference doesn’t sound like much, but actually makes it 20% stronger. So it’s great for cleaning, but shouldn’t be consumed.

    You can also tweak this home recipe by adding  1/2 teaspoon of dish soap to the 2-cup recipe. It mildly increases the cleaning power, but don’t stir too much or the combination will become sudsy and leave streaks.  

In these difficult times using your resources wisely is a great way to keep costs down and avoid unnecessary purchases. Cleaning your windows with safe, non-abrasive products can prolong the life of your windows and save you money. 

We love to work with people and businesses to protect their short and long term interests at the same time. If your company’s  windows need a safe and thorough cleaning, and the job is more than what you want to take on yourself, give Jani Queen a call. We’re here to help. 

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