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Showing Appreciation For Your Custodial Staff

Keeping staff morale high is a big part of retaining good employees. Here’s 12 simple things you can do to show your staff you appreciate them and build that positive atmosphere:

  1. Extend personal acknowledgements through handwritten thank you notes or one-on-one conversations expressing gratitude for their hard work.

  2. Give public recognition by highlighting their contributions on social media platforms or in company-wide email communications.

  3. Organize an appreciation party with food, games, and decorations to celebrate the custodial team.

  4. Provide a catered lunch or take custodians out to a restaurant for a special meal.

  5. Offer small gifts like gift cards, company gear, flowers, or treats.

  6. Create thank you cards signed by all staff members to show collective appreciation.

  7. Consider monetary bonuses or gift cards as a tangible show of appreciation, and an investment in good staff.

  8. Another investment is to give custodians a paid day off to relax and recognize their importance.

  9. Invest in new cleaning equipment to make their jobs easier and show you value their work.

  10. Encourage students or other staff to help with some cleaning tasks for a day to highlight the custodians’ hard work.

  11. Recognize custodians at staff meetings or in company newsletters.

  12. Display appreciation banners or dedicate a bulletin board to highlight custodial staff.

    There’s lots of ways, big and small, to show employees your appreciation. Hopefully this little article gets the creative gratitude juices flowing. You have the power to set the tone of your workplace, so why not foster an atmosphere of respect and thankfulness?