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The Impact of Weather on Window Cleaning: Best Practices for Every Season

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Using expert window cleaning services in Ottawa can make all the difference in preserving the cleanliness and clarity of your windows. In the nation’s capital, clean windows will improve the aesthetics and practicality of your place, regardless of whether you live there or operate a business there. 

Hence, the team at Jani Queen would like you to know how the weather impacts window cleaning in Ottawa and the best ways to clean your windows.

Impact of Weather Conditions on Window Cleaning

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Washing windows can be significantly impacted by the weather. The following are some ways that various weather conditions may impact window-washing procedures and results:


One of the most important things impacting window washing is rainfall. It is typically not advised to clean windows during or right after a rainstorm since precipitation can create streaks and wet stains on the glass. When the water evaporates, the mineral or pollutant residues left on the windows may remain.


Direct sunlight can make it difficult to clean windows. The sun’s heat might cause the cleaning solution to dry on the glass too rapidly, leaving streaks and smudges behind. It might be challenging to produce a finish that is streak-free since sunlight can draw attention to any residues or streaks that were left behind.


Cleaning windows may be challenging in windy situations. It can blast debris, cleaning agents, or dust onto the glass, resulting in streaks of grime and an uneven surface. In severe circumstances, high winds may even make working at heights dangerous since they may compromise the stability of ladders or window-cleaning tools.


High humidity might affect how quickly cleaning agents dry on windows. As it hinders the evaporation of the cleaning solution, airborne moisture might result in streaks and smudges. To achieve a streak-free finish in humid circumstances, it might be essential to use a specific window cleaning solution or modify the cleaning process.

Extreme Temperatures

The efficiency of washing windows might be impacted by extremely cold or hot conditions. In subfreezing conditions, water or cleaning agents may freeze on the glass, making good cleaning difficult. However, cleaning windows in hot weather can make the cleaning agent evaporate fast, creating streaks and making it challenging to get a clean finish.


For window washing, snow poses a special set of difficulties. Due to the wetness and chilly temperatures, it is typically not advised to clean windows during or right after a snowstorm. Snow can leave a wet film on the windows, making it more difficult to get a finish that is streak-free. Additionally, cleaning frozen windows can be dangerous since the icy conditions can shrink the glass and make it fragile. Before attempting to clean the windows, it is best to wait until the snow has melted and the surfaces have dried.

Best Cleaning Practices for Each Season

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Depending on the time of year and the local weather, different methods should be used for washing windows. The finest window cleaning methods for each season take into account the unique difficulties and concerns related to each season.


Window cleaning is best done on an overcast day to reduce the possibility of streaks since cleaning agents may dry fast in direct sunlight and leave behind ugly stains. Before washing the glass, take off the window screens for easier access. Clean the windows and screens by giving them a gentle wash with mild dish soap or window cleaner in warm water, followed by a thorough rinse. Ensure uniform covering of the windows by applying the cleaning solution with a sponge or soft cloth. Use a squeegee to remove the cleaning solution and debris from the glass after using it to clean it. After each stroke, wipe the squeegee blade with a fresh towel. Begin at the top and work your way down.


To avoid direct sunlight, clean windows in the early morning or late in the day. In the heat, cleaning agents may dry too rapidly, leaving streaks and smudges. Consider using a cold water solution if the temperatures are very high to avoid the cleaning solution from evaporating too quickly. Additionally, clean thoroughly before the solution dries by working in smaller parts. Microfiber towels make summer window washing much easier. They efficiently remove dirt while removing any lint or stains. Use them to remove any lingering moisture or to dry the windows after using a squeegee.


It is advised to clean windows in the early fall before the colder weather sets in. Cleaning is more difficult during the winter because of frozen windows and the danger of working at heights. If leaves, twigs, or other debris have gathered on window sills or frames, take the time to clean them off. If ignored, these can obstruct cleaning efforts and even endanger the glass. Check windows for cracks or drafts when cleaning. Before winter arrives, these problems may be resolved to increase energy efficiency and preserve a cozy interior climate.


During the winter, concentrate on cleaning the inside surfaces of windows. You can accomplish this without being exposed to dangerous weather or subfreezing conditions. The inner side of windows may become dirty and dusty throughout the winter. Until it becomes more practical to maintain them outside, they may be kept clean with regular wiping and dusting. When cleaning the outside during the winter, think about hiring a professional window cleaner. They are equipped, knowledgeable, and skilled to perform winter cleaning in a secure manner.

Jani Queen – High-Quality Cleaning Services in Ottawa

Professional window cleaning services are the solution for keeping windows in Ottawa spotless and immaculate. Regardless of the time of year or the weather, these specialists’ skills, specific tools, and experience in the business guarantee that your windows will be perfectly cleaned. You can benefit from streak-free windows that improve the appearance of your home or business and let a lot of natural light into your area by investing in their services.
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