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Tips to Make Home Cleaning Easier for Seniors

Home Cleaning

Properly performing the vast number of tasks involved in home cleaning can be a struggle for the elderly and aged. The significant reduction in their strength, mobility and endurance makes this a difficult endeavour.

Thankfully, a few tips and tricks can reduce physical strain and improve the efficiency of the home cleaning process. Hence the team at Jani Queen would like you to know some tips to make home cleaning easier for seniors.

Organise Supplies and Layout for Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning arrangement

A simple way to increase the ease of cleaning your home is by making some adjustments in your house. A few basic tweaks can reduce the load on seniors when they need to clean up.

Ensuring that the needed supplies are readily available and easily accessible is a great way to start. This reduces the time spent looking for them and makes the cleaning process easier. Installing shelves or cabinets at the appropriate height to hold the supplies is a great method. Also, a container like a basket or a caddy can be used to hold the supplies in transit from one room to another.

Also, a few adjustments in the house can help an older person during the home cleaning process. Things like non-slip mats in bathrooms and grab bars can help avoid slips and falls during cleaning. The help of an occupational therapist can allow for even more improvements and protections for elderly people.

Design A Schedule for Home Cleaning

The sheer volume of chores that need completion can make home cleaning arduous for seniors. As such, a schedule that breaks up the chores into smaller, more manageable, tasks can facilitate a more efficient cleaning process.

The schedule can focus the clean-up on a single day or spread it out over the week. This allows the elderly person to make meaningful steps toward achieving their goal of a clean house. To ensure that the process doesn’t stress and strain, some breaks for rest and hydration should be included in the schedule.

Assist Home Cleaning With Technology and Other Aids

The entire home cleaning process has been revolutionised with appliances like vacuum cleaners, robot mops, hands-free cleaning products and the like. These devices are great for seniors who need to clean their homes. They reduce the physical strain, improve cleaning efficiency and save time.

If the price tag attached to those appliances is too high, other assistive aids can be just as helpful. Tools like dusters with long handles and brooms with ergonomic grips can make home cleaning easier for seniors. They also reduce the stresses of cleaning and the difficulty of reaching high or remote areas.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning pro

At some point, the stress of repeatedly cleaning a house can become too much for a senior. Forcing the issue in this state can lead to serious health consequences.

Getting some help will be the best course of action in this situation. Family and friends are great but their schedules might not align properly to ensure a clean home. Hence, the best solution is to hire experienced cleaners to handle the process. This will ensure that the senior’s house gets cleaned thoroughly and timely.

Jani Queen – High-Quality Cleaning Services in Ottawa

Home cleaning for seniors is particularly perilous when you consider the physical demands of the process. However, these cleaning tips can make the process much easier to handle and less demanding on a senior’s physique. Thus, elderly people can enjoy the benefits of a clean home with more ease and comfort.

Please contact us if you need professional home cleaning services for seniors. Jani Queen’s expertise in cleaning commercial and residential properties includes making spaces optimal for senior citizens. Our helpful and caring team takes the burden off their shoulders and delivers expert cleaning services when needed. Choose us to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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